Rotary members build a horse shelter shed at the Riding for the Disabled Welcome Bay site over three weekends. 
A good number turned up on Saturday 8th July but the weather threatened from the start. Levels established the extent of digging required to obtain a level platform and a huge effort was made by Bev, Robyn, Mike and ring-ins Crest and Anaiya Steyn. Others in the team carted in the contents of the flat pack and commenced assembling the portals etc. We were rained off around mid-day.
A good crew turned up again on Saturday 15th. The weather was great and assembly was completed by 5pm. The work was hard and busy leaving us wondering if we had tackled too much. Thankfully the younger, stronger and fitter ring-ins were a huge help. Crest & Anaiya Steyn returned along with Jo and Marty Grace with Marty’s friend Jason Hammond and Murray & Jackie’s son-in-law Dean Barr-Smith all arrived to put in a solid day.
On Saturday 22nd a small team put in a very full day to finish of the flashing, cyclone bracing etc. Some half rounds were scavenged to construct some safety barriers for the horses at the rear of the shelter. Congratulations to all