Another successful book sale finished for 2023. But that is not the end of it. Once we finished on Sunday, a number of groups came in on Monday to sort through remaining books to use in book sales as far away as Auckland.  Plus ... curtains and heaters ..
For a number of years, one of our volunteers has had very close contact with Fiji and sorts through remainder books to choose about 200 boxes and sent for use in libraries in Fiji. 
And for the first time, this year 20 plus boxes of books are being sent to Niue for their primary school, college and adult reading.
Also, a good number of heaters and about 20 sets of curtain or drapes were generously donated from our community.  These have been collected and sent to Sustainability Options, Tauranga.  The heaters are checked and curtains are modified for use in homes in and around Tauranga to help make homes warmer and provide heating. 
A very big thank you to everyone generously donating these items, all greatly appreciated.  We look forward to doing it all again next year.
Sustainability Options is an altruistic business - providing free sustainable living and housing advice to help our communities for the benefit of future generations.
More heaters and curtains are required.  Please contact Nick at Sustainability Options.