CCS asked for help, a small group of us said 'Yes', to paint the buildings surrounding their swimming pool. Wanting to freshen up and brighten up, the walls went from brown stain and maroon to pale grey and aqua.  Wow what a change.
Scrub and clean on Friday. Paint on Saturday, Sunday, with more to follow this week.  In between painting the gardening tools came out, weeds sprayed and lawn mowed.  The pool opens again in Term 3, attendees are in for a surprise.
We expected to have this project completed earlier in the year but Covid-19 lock down conditions prevented us starting. We are very pleased to now be able to pick up our paint brushes and make this happen.  The spring weather played in our favour, with fine days and cool breezes. Three members, Russell Turner, Mike Savage and Sheena Spittles scrubbed, cleaned and sanded ready for painting on Saturday. 
Mike Savage, Sheena Spittles, Don Pilbrow, Ross Ogle and Bev Tagg spent Saturday morning finishing sanding and putting on the undercoat, with some gardening in between. Thanks very much to Tricia Ogle, for the morning tea of fresh baked pikelets.  Forgetting to bring a sanding block was not an issue, a rolled up T-shirt did just as well. Ross used a tiny wee roller, still much faster than a brush, but as the roller sleeve was larger than the roller itself, it did the job but was comical to watch.  Not just about the painting, it is the fun with it!
Sunday morning Sheena, Ross, Bev and Toby Tagg added the first grey and aqua coats. Wow what a difference.
More to be done through this week or weekend, some tidy up and a second coat to be added.  Our thanks to our members for their time and efforts, not to mention the fun of being together to do it.