BBQ tables and bench seats donated to Te Puna Quarry Park to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in New Zealand
Te Puna Quarry Park advised us that many of their bench seats and picnic tables were 20 years old, and no longer fit for purpose.  So the “Projects Committee”, met with Shona Purves, the Chair of the Te Puna Quarry Committee, to identify exactly what was needed.  It was decided that Tauranga Rotary would purchase three BBQ tables and two bench seats to donate to the quarry. The Mens’ Shed manufactured these, and transported them up to the quarry, where a small team of Rotarians spent a few mornings painting them.  The tables and seats were formally presented to the Quarry at a morning tea with all the Volunteers present, where we were thanked for our generous donation.  The brass plaques on each of them ensures that 100 Years of Rotary in NZ has been celebrated.